Monday, December 21, 2015


Last week I made one of the best decisions I have made in my 22.5 years of living and got my brows MICROBLADED.
The coolest new technique in the permanent makeup world.
I have always had really weird eyebrows. They're long, curly, coarse, have random spacing, and pretty much just a hot mess.
So when I heard of this whole microblading thing I said SIGN ME UP.
The only stitch of makeup I'll wear before teaching Pilates every morning is fill in my brows, and now I don't even have to do that! It's INCREDIBLE!
I got them done at Salon O ( where I get my hair done) by their brow specialist that was trained in this technique. It was a super interesting process, and some of my Pilates clients are now interested in getting this done, so I thought I'd write out the process and my experience in a place people could easily access it :)
The whole process took about 3 hours. Kathryne, who did them, took a lot of time with me and explained every step of the process so I felt really comfortable. I went in for a consultation before, and then she told me to come the day of with them filled in how I liked. I liked this because then we could work off a shape I was used to on my face. I chose not to show her pictures of brows I liked just because I only wanted to enhance the natural brows God gave me :) Like if you notice, my right eye is ever so slightly higher than my left, making my right brow a touch higher than my left. But I didn't want to mess with that, because that's how I was made! I just didn't want to have to fill them in every dang morning.
So I came with my brows filled in, and then the first thing she did was perfect them. She measured them for symmetry and made sure I was loving the shape.
After that she took a purple surgical marker and traced the brows we perfected and decided on. After they are traced she wipes off all your brow filler. She then uses a little tool to barely break the skin around your brows so that the numbing cream can sink in deeper and be more effective. That part didn't hurt, just a tad uncomfortable but it's fast. Then while the numbing cream sits on your brows you discuss color! I wanted my brows to be about the same color as my natural and loved how it turned out. She explained that the lighter colors are warmer and darker colors are more ashy, and even though as a blonde I wanted them a touch ashy I mostly didn't want them super dark, so we started in a medium place. You can always alter your color in your touch up too!
You get a touch up that's included in the price 4-6 weeks after your first appointment. During your first healing process, some strokes will soften or fade so you go in and perfect them. This is the time where you can also adjust color, add thickness or more of an arch, and that kind of stuff.
After we decided on a color and the numbing had sat, we were ready to start! She takes a tool that looks and works kind of like a tiny xacto knife, dips it in ink, and makes little hair-like strokes through your brows! It is pretty incredible. It didn't hurt but was a little uncomfortable at some parts, but she continues to reapply numbing cream the whole time. The knife only goes into the derma layer of the skin so the colors don't fade to weird colors like in the older soft tap method. Like I said, it isn't painful, but the weirdest part is HEARING it make little scratches in your skin.
So for the next hour and a half she makes a few strokes, and then uses a wipe to wipe off the extra ink and see exactly where the strokes are, and continues on. To be honest, the wiping was the most annoying part. She has to wipe hard to get the ink off and it's a lot of wiping. But still 100% worth it! Beauty is pain!
After she finishes you take long looks and make sure you love everything, or if you want to add a few strokes here or there, and measure again to make sure they are equal. She then puts the ink all over the brow to sit for a few minutes, wipes it off and then you are DONE!
It was pretty fascinating and I am so happy with how my brows turned out! I am excited to take them a touch thicker at my touch up.
My brows will last about 3 years or as long as I wish with a yearly touch up, which heck ya I'm doing! I love how low maintenance this is! That's what really sealed the deal for me.
It takes about a week or so for them to fully heal, and they give you instruction on how to care for them during that time! The one thing I didn't know about was that you aren't supposed to break a sweat! So I sure missed Pilates, but it was a small price to pay :)
If you are interested in this, let me know if you have any other questions! When I find something I love I want to tell EVERYONE!
You can also search #microbladedbrows on Instagram to find out more info and see more examples.
Merry Christmas to my brows!


  1. They look really lovely now. Love your blog

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  3. i am so so so sooo interested in this! your brows look amazing! was it super pricey??

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